Photojournalism through the lens of Ohio University Student - Alexandria Polanosky
Sep 29 2016 03:28 AM
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It is early in the morning. The sun is just rising, but photojournalist Alexandria Polanosky is awake, hoping to catch some of, what she calls, "beautiful light".

The Ohio University Photojournalism student wants to capture a story with her camera, one she can tell through her own lens.
"Early morning light and golden-hour evening light help improve any photograph," Polanosky explains. "It’s important to plan to shoot at the right time, if possible."

Shooting at the right time has become Polanosky's mission as the photojournalism major has found a true passion to follow her camera wherever it takes her.

"I believe it takes a true passion to pursue this field as it definitely has its extreme ups and downs. However, I am always looking forward to those rewarding highs after capturing a beautiful image or connecting with people I never would have met if not for my pursuit of storytelling." Says Polansky.

Growing up in the suburbs just north of Pittsburgh, Polanosky enrolled at Ohio University. It was on campus in Athens, Ohio that the budding photographer stumbled onto photojournalism.

"I have always admired the great work of photojournalists and have always had an appreciation for good journalism in general, but I had never imagined joining these journalists until just a few years ago."

Polanosky's appreciation for visual journalism led her to delve deeper into the career field.

Since those salad days at the university, Polanosky has worked to perfect her craft. However, it is not just still photography that the Pennsylvania-native has worked with.

"I work with both still photography and video. I’ve really enjoyed getting into more video lately as all the different layers available to work with really appeal to me.

"I feel like I can tell a story in a whole new way with movement and audio."

Recently, Polanosky had the opportunity to spend six months studying abroad in South Africa. It was a time that shaped the young photojournalist, helping her improve her confidence.

"The confidence I gained from getting myself there as well as the independence that I was practically forced into was all I needed to realize that I could achieve whatever I set my mind to."

While in South Africa, Polanosky shot, what she describes as, her favorite photograph. Taken on color film in the town of Stellenbosch, it is a majestic scene of mountains, trees and low clouds.

Photo Courtesy: Alexandria Polanosky

"It’s an image from one of my last nights there of the sun setting from Stellenbosch mountain, which I could see from my apartment window every day. It’s such a beautiful and quiet image, and the colors are so soft. I know it’s not anything incredibly moving or exciting, but it takes me back to one of my favorite moments during a time of my life I will always be so happy I got to experience. So to me, it’s an incredibly important image."

Polanosky is nearing the end of her time at Ohio University, and is focused on finishing her education there as strongly as she can. However, this has not stopped the photojournalism major from planning the next chapter in her life.

"My goal is to always pursue the truth wherever I find myself and to tell people’s stories to the best of my ability.

"I always want to produce beautiful images, and I know I will not settle for anything less than what I want to achieve."

In a world of ever-changing journalism, Polanosky already knows she must stay ahead of the curve. The student also knows that finding success in an evolving industry overshadows everything else.

"I'm going to have rough critiques and stories won’t always work out, but when I do have success it will be the greatest feeling in the world."

For more information on Alexandria Polanosky, please visit Polanosky's website includes her portfolio of favorite work as well as a link to her travel blog.

About Ohio University: The School of Visual Communication
The School of Visual Communication, in the Scripps College of Communication, offers an interdisciplinary visual communication degree with four specialized sequences: informational graphics and publication design, interactive design; documentary photojournalism for newspapers, magazines and the Internet; and commercial photography. The school has been recognized twice as a Program of Excellence by the Ohio Board of Regents.

Students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication. The program is designed to provide students with realistic and thorough professionally-oriented training in visual communication while also adding liberal arts and cultural backgrounds for a well-rounded educational foundation. For more information visit:




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